Out of Place

So it's my final year as a University student and things are getting more intense as I get more hungry to be in the real world. For a moment, I stood in the middle of Exchange Plaza to soak in the feeling of being where I belong - the workforce. To see familiar faces as well as groups of people who may seem to fit my likings, I felt I need to be in this world. Every time I go back to class during summer, feels like I'm looking at a couple of kids who have yet to realize what's going to hit them once they graduate. For some odd reason it feels like high school all over again, again. The first round being new was in high school, the second round would be University. When we thought the cycle ends, comes in post University - real life. For each phase we change our level of maturity, life should go forward, not backwards. For once, I felt right, seeing everyone walking past me with their worker's badge while strutting a fashionable yet professional attire. I hope the real world is ready for me, I've been waiting for a long, long time.