Montreal Lessons

People say, for every country has its own customs and character. In a way I find that true city to city. So far in Montreal I learnt:

1. Franglais MTL vs Franglais Ottawa = Quebec Accent Franglais vs Anglophone Franglais
2. Your cool with Jugo Juice. Montreal's better version of Booster Juice/Bubble Tea.
3. Shopping to them is like beaver tails to us. Proud of it, but easily forgotten the next day till the next season.
4. Saying hello/goodbye consists of two kisses to the cheek and a semi hug. As a dude from Ottawa, it was as confusing as the handshake or the props dilemma.
5. Clubbing is a sport, not a leisure.
6. To not accessorize, decorize or fashionialize (requires new verbs) is a no no.
7. The pride district, know it and know it well or else prepare to be macked and gawked at.
8. They have 3 worlds: The Day, The Nightlife, and the Metro.
9. The Metro horn is truly the Horn of Gondor (at first listen)
10. Takes me as nearly as long to go to school as it is to go to Montreal (sometimes).
11. Do NOT yell Kovalev in the middle of the mall
12. Trying to translate french words you don't know can only lead to disaster when lost
13. All men's clothing must be the furthest, longest path, deep in a corner somewhere

I've learned these things the hard way - definitely a trip to remember.
Oh another thing I remembered:

14. When first meeting someone, the handshake is standard, not a hug. (unless you're a creep)