Alone at the Cafe

February started off great with a little family celebration for the lunar new year, nothing beats seeing smiles and food everywhere! Coincidentally, Valentines Day was also dated on this day for couples to celebrate their time together. I chose to ignore all the single awareness nonsense and decided to take my cousin and sister out for dinner in the market. We all walked through Winterlude and saw couples as we pointed them out one pair at a time. It was something quite entertaining to see while we all joked on how cute or quirky each pair was.

After dinner, I decided to treat my little siblings with some dessert at a local cafe. There I saw, a cute misses that stood with amazing stance and class who caught my eye, ordering a cup of tea and a dessert. Nudging me, my little siblings gave me the eyebrow and look as a sign to go for it. Even though they're young, they were right - she was alone at a cafe and sat down and just looked out the window.

Time to time I look over from our table to see if she was actually texting or waiting for someone at a table seated for four. Twenty minutes passed, then thirty...then forty. It was like a scene off from a movie, sitting at the corner of the cafe, gazing over the couples that walked by enjoying the quiet moment she has alone on valentines. Noticed a window of opportunity, I walked over and wanted introduced myself as I was on my way to get a plate from the waitress. Her phone rang and was unable to take the chance that cupid has given me. Having my family there, I had to take them home, and started packing up early. There I was standing at the door - I looked over one last time. Intense, were those minutes thinking how things could have been different if I wasn't catering someone else, would I be able to do anything now?

I opened the door and stood outside waiting for my family...still looking over, innocently, the lonely girl at the cafe. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day and I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you that. In a way, I think she knew...