Hockey Night with the Crew

To fill you in, this night wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my friend who bid during a gala in November. The bidding was nothing more than harmless fun, which backfired and ended up in my friend's bill the next day. Little did I know it was one of the most awesome thing he has ever done, the crew and my family spent new years at a hockey game which totally took my breathe away! Unlike any other seats in the stadium, we were privileged with suite tickets up in the 4th floor!

We stepped in the front gates of the stadium, only to realize we're not supposed to go the main entrance. We were then redirected to another gate which led us to a more calming environment. The concierge informed us that we must take the elevator to access the floor that we were seated in. The moment those doors open it was like a private hotel with our personal greeter! The walls were painted red and decorated with jerseys and pictures of old hockey games. The box is like our private booth, we felt like royalty at the moment - but the real memories lies in the moments with my friend's cussing and cheering. All this wouldn't have happened if my friend didn't take a little risk on his part. Doesn't hurt to jump when there's an opportunity presented - this can go for many things in life. Who knows, it might actually be one of the greatest chapters in your life.

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